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A Brief Introduction to Business Architecture

Business Architecture is a consistent and concise description of the business perspective across multiple business scenarios. Once such a consistent description is created, it can be owned and maintained by the business planners.

Business is concerned with operating in ways that yield to objectives. Usually a business is based on a mission or purpose. Then business strategies are identified to meet the purpose. After deciding on which strategy to pursue, the goals and objectives are obvious. Once the goals and objectives are clarified, business capabilities are acquired to achieve the goals and objectives.

As goals and objectives are usually achieved in multiple stages, the stages by which they are achieved are chained together to demonstrate the goal realization. This is referred to as a value chain or value stream. The analysis of such a value stream (a sequence of stages in which value is being created to ultimately achieve the goals), results in the identification of business capabilities required.

Once the required business capabilities are in place, the business can begin operating, by using the capabilities. The weaving of business capabilities into business processes gives rise to the business operating model, which leads to productive capacity.

Therefore, business architecture is the key to achieving a business operating model that is consistent with the mission and purpose.