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Happy Software, Happy People

One of the key things that we often ignore about “software” is the fact it is created for people by people. We are not just talking about the programmers, because the programmers only created the representation in computer instructions or code. The sequence of value added activities that leads to the creation of software requires the reconciliation of conflicting knowledge and information as well as directed by goals and purpose. These are typically people related concerns, and technology is just one part of the picture.

Virtually Managed Software(R) is a comprehensive recognition of all factors that go into planning, designing, building and using software – the desires, frustrations and hopes of the people involved in envisioning, designing, programming, testing and using the software. Casting a wide net on the spectrum of organizational processes, this approach offers the most comprehensive view-point on developing useful software that is also usable.

The goal of Virtually Managed Software(R) is to “Enable organizations to build the solution they want, with effortless ease.”

When organizations build the solution they want, their people are happy, the users are happy and it leads to better outcomes. It is therefore obvious that the world should come together to create happy software, which is “Virtually Managed”.

Be Happy !